The Cut in Y12 and Y14 at Fencing Summer Nationals 2020 is Official along with other format changes.

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US Fencing confirmed on May 23, 2019 that cuts will go into effect for Y12 and Y14 events at Summer Nationals 2020. You can read the US Fencing Event Format Update announcement HERE.

The ostensible reason for instituting a cut as opposed to tightening the qualification paths is premised on giving more fencers the opportunity to compete at National Championships. Certainly this arrangement would garner more revenues for US Fencing as well.

What the Tournament Committee did not take into account is the financial calculus that families of younger fencers will now forced to undertake in making a decision on whether to travel to Summer Nationals at all.

Given the location of the 2019/2020 Summer National Championship in Louisville, KY, US Fencing has by default increased the financial cost of attendance on families from the West while clearly providing advantage to families in the Mid-West. This seems blatantly unfair to families from the West.

Ssurely we can expect more thoughtful and considerate planning from US Fencing, the national governing body for the sport of fencing.

For some perspective, watch this video on youth skiing in Norway

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