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Fencing Parents is a comprehensive guide for parents on the sport of fencing. From how to get started in fencing, to selecting coaches and clubs, developing mental toughness, managing fencing competition schedules, buying and maintaining fencing equipment , how the athlete recruitment process and college admissions for fencers plus everything else a parent should know to be a fencer's best support.

Fencing Parents is inspired by moms and dads who are the biggest supporters and fans of their children who fence. From hours spent driving their fencers to and from training to travelling with their fencers to tournaments, to being emotional bulwarks for their fencers win or lose, to being chief planners of tournament schedules year round, moms and many dads are the best support their fencers’ can possibly have.



the editor

These days, I am first and foremost, a fencing mom. I have one teenager who fences and is in 10th grade, and another who is an ex-fencer, ex-referee, and current crypto investor and online chess player in 11th grade.

As you can probably tell, I love watching and learning about fencing, right down to the nitty details. Fencing is an expensive sport. The investment of both time on my part and my kid’s part, and the investment of money from my husband and I, demands that I know what I’m doing, and that I’m making decisions that facilitate my fencer’s progress in and enjoyment of the sport. That’s the only way, I can support my fencer in his endeavors and aspirations in fencing. I will be there for him all the way.

The learning curve in figuring out all the moving parts in fencing was steep. There is still so much to learn. The Fencing Parents blog will, hopefully, flatten the curve for more parents by making available relevant information about fencing and answering questions common to all parents.

I have an extensive background in investment banking and investments across several asset classes and have worked in several major cities around the world including New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I now leverage that background to help growing businesses drive fundable growth.

My education includes an MBA from Columbia University in New York, and an LLB (Honors) from the National University of Singapore.

We live in Los Angeles so our son can train with his amazing world class fencing coaches.

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