In summarizing and interpreting rules issued by US Fencing on their website, usfencing.org , including but not limited to rules contained in the Athlete Handbook, Operations Manual, USA Fencing Rule Book, SafeSport Guidelines, and rules pertaining to referees contained in USA Fencing Refereeing Handbook, fencingparents.org and its community of contributors have made every good faith effort to be accurate.  The information and advice in fencingparents.org is for guidance only as it summarizes and synthesizes complex information in as simple a way as possible for parents to access and understand. Before you take any financial and other decision based on information published in fencingparents.org, we strongly advise you to verify the rules and their impact on your fencer before you act.  Fencingparents.org and its contributors are not responsible for financial and other decisions that you make using the material published on our website.

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