2019/2020 Regional Events Schedule (SYC, SJCC, and ROCs)

2019 2020 Regional Event Schedule 2.png

US Fencing announced the schedule for the Super Youth Circuit (SYC), Super Junior and Cadet Circuit (SJCC), and Regional Open Circuit (ROC) today.

You can review the complete schedule on US Fencing’s website HERE. You can download the PDF of the schedule HERE.

In the 2019/2020 season, US Fencing will be holding 2 SJCCs, the 1st one in December (13 to 15) and the 2nd one in March (13 to 15). The locations are yet to be announced.

Under current rules, the top 40% of the finishing field in an SJCC earns national points at the rate of 0.2 of points that would be earned at a NAC for the same event. However, take note of the following condition imposed by US Fencing described below.

For the pilot SJCC in Anaheim, US Fencing clarified in the Athlete Packet as follows:

“Junior and cadet age fencers may participate in the Super Junior/Cadet Circuit; however, only the single best result is included in the revised National Point Standings published after the SJCC. “

We will clarify if this condition carries over into the 2019/2020 season.

Donna Meyer