Event Registration for RYC, SYC, RJCC, and ROC moves from Askfred to US Fencing

Event Registration for RYC, SYC, RJCC and ROC

Event Registration for RYC, SYC, RJCC and ROC

Registration for all regional qualifying fencing events for the 2018-2019 fencing season, , including SYC, RYC, RJCC and ROC,  move from Askfred.net to US Fencing's online registration platform.

US Fencing originally announced the move in July 2017.  See the announcement HERE

For fencers and their parents, the key benefits of moving fencing event registration from Askfred to US Fencing's online registration platform include:

  • faster updates to classification changes earned at regional qualifying fencing tournaments. The direct upload of results to the US Fencing platform enable more timely and accurate recording of a fencer's rating.

  • at a glance view of all regional qualifying events around the country sorted in chronological order, making planning the year's schedule for your fencer much easier

  • tracking event registration deadlines is now much easier as they are available upfront on the platform.

  • once your fencer is registered for an event, the event will appear in your fencer's profile as an upcoming event

Event registration for local fencing events continue to take place on Askfred.net


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