Congratulations to Newly Elected US Fencing Board Members Ann Senic and Donald Alperstein


Ann Marsh Senic


Donald Alperstein

According to US Fencing, a total of 1,450 US Fencing members voted in the election, representing about 14% of eligible voting members. The vote tally was as follows:

Ann Marsh Senic - 37%

Donald Alperstein - 32%

Michael Aufrichtig - 31%

The 2 re-elected Board members, Ann Marsh Senic and Donald Alperstein will be at-large members serving 2 year terms that commence on September 1, 2019.

Fencing Parents wishes Ms Senic and Mr Alperstein the very best in the execution of their responsibilities as members of the Board of Directors of US Fencing, and we look look forward to establishing a constructive dialog for positive change with them.