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The Fencing Parents website aims to be:

  • the central repository of useful tips and information on competitions, national and regional points, qualifying paths for Summer Nationals, July Challenge and Junior Olympics. 
  • a parent community where we share our collective experience and wisdom across all aspects of the sport. equipping us to better support our fencer in his/her fencing aspirations and endeavours across all ages
  • a feedback forum where we can voice our gripes and make suggestions about organizational improvements to competitions etc

We welcome contributions from the community on any aspect you feel is important for parents to know about.  We value your insight, advice and experience whether it's about maintaining a lame, or  nurturing a child's aspiration to be an athlete recruit to an Ivy League college.  Please submit your feedback and blogs HERE.

We actively solicit and welcome contributions from experienced coaches, referees, sports psychologists, physical trainers and sports doctors. Fencers derive enormous benefit when their parents have a well rounded and informed perspective of what matters in their development as fencers.  

Fencing Parents is not in any way affiliated with US Fencing.  Fencing Parents is a not-for-profit website.