What is SafeSport in fencing?

SafeSport is a body of rules created by the US Olympic Committee to govern the conduct of coaches, referees, officials and other adults in regular contact with athletes, with specificity to:

  • Sexual Misconduct, including Child Sexual Abuse

  • Emotional Misconduct

  • Physical Misconduct

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Hazing

SafeSport policy is designed to protect athletes from misconduct perpetrated by persons in positions of authority over them in the context of a sport in which they participate.

These rules have been adopted by sports governing bodies across the US, including US Fencing.   See US Fencing Safe Sport Policy

US Fencing has designated a SafeSport Co-ordinator, Suzie Riewald.  You can contact her at (719) 866-2616 or email at s.riewald@usafencing.org

certification and background screen

SafeSport requires all coaches, referees, officials and other adults in regular contact with athletes (including club administrators and managers) to

  • undertake SafeSport training online and obtain SafeSport certification, renewable annually

  • undergo a background screen every 2 years

Except for persons under the age of 18, no one can coach, referee or have contact with athletes in a teaching/training capacity or offical capacity without SafeSport certification and a valid background screen.

See US Fencing SafeSport Requirements 101 HERE

See US Fencing List of SafeSport Certified Individuals (as of April 27, 2018) HERE

reporting process

Any one who witnesses an instance of abuse (other than sexual misconduct) can report it directly to US Fencing using the attached form.  US Fencing will accept anonymous reporting, though they point out that this may hinder their investigations.

US Fencing SafeSport Abuse Reporting Form

Sexual misconduct must be reported directly to the US Center for SafeSports HERE or you can call (720) 531-0340.

See report on new laws governing reporting of child abuse (including sexual abuse) in sports HERE

Investigation and resolution

US Fencing is authorized by the US Center of SafeSport to investigate and resolve issues of misconduct (execpt sexual misconduct).  

Sexual misconduct reports are handled  exclsusively by the US Center for SafeSports.

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Donna Meyer