Regional Open Circuit (ROC)

Updated on September 7, 2018

Fencing a foil event at a ROC in 2017

Fencing a foil event at a ROC in 2017

The Regional Open Circuit (ROC) is a regional qualifying path for Division 1A, Division 2 and Division 3  fencing championships at Summer Nationals.  Fencers may earn qualifying regional points at a ROC  and be ranked on the Regional Points List for Division 1A, Division 2 or Division 3.  Fencers also have an opportunity to earn classification awards at a ROC event, provided the event meets event rating requirements.

ROCs are typically organized by local fencing clubs, with pre-approval from US Fencing.  All ROCs are sanctioned events meaning that the organizer must comply with all US Fencing tournament rules, and all competitors must have US Fencing competitive membership.

For fencing season 2018/2019, the ROC calendar comprises a mix of Division 1A and Division 2 events.  There are no Division 3 events scheduled so far. 

Note that trickle qualifications apply and a fencer who qualifies for a higher level event also qualifies for the event one level below.  So, if a fencer qualifies for the Division 1A chanpionship event, then that fencer, if classification eligible is also qualified for Division 2 and Division 3 championship events, without having to fence that specific event at a ROC.

The Regional Open Circuit (ROC) is a very popular path for fencers to qualify for Summer National championship events in Division 1A, Division 2 and Division 3.  For many fencers, the ROC is not only a also great venue to notch up competition experience in preparation for NACs and national championships, it is a great place to improve a rating classification.

See 2018/2019 ROC calendar HERE

top 40% at a ROC earn regional points, Qualify for Championship

Regional points are awarded to the top 40% of the finishing field in any event at a ROC.

The winner of a Division 1A ROC event earns 1000 regional points, and the remaining 40% of finishers earn points on a sliding scale.  The winner of a Division 2 ROC event earns 500 regional points, and the remaining 40% of finishers earn points on a sliding scale.

For purposes of qualification, there are no minimum points requirements. All fencers who earn regional points at ROCs are qualified to fence at the relevant championship event at Summer Nationals. 

Qualifying for a Division 1A event automatically qualifies a fencer to compete in corresponding events in Division 2 and Division 3, provided they meet classification requirements.  For example, an E rated fencer finishes in the top 40% of a Division 1A Men's Epee event at a ROC.  This fencer not only qualifies for the Division 1A Men's Epee championship at Summer Nationals, but also qualifies to compete in the Division 2 Men's Epee championship and Division 3 Men's Epee championship because he meets the ratings requirements across all 3 events. 

The total number of regional points earned (best of 2 results) only matters when a fencer with regional points in Division 2 tries to qualify up to fence the corresponding Division 1A event.  In that situation, the qualification rules allow the top 8 on the Division 2 Regional Points List to fence the relevant Division 1A event.

pre-requisites to compete at a Regional Open Circuit (ROC) event

age eligibility

All fencers born in 2005 or earlier are eligible to fence in ROCs for the fencing year 2018/2019 commencing on August 1, 2018.

not region specific

A fencer can compete at a ROC anywhere in the country to earn qualfying regional points. 


There are no citizenship requirements to compete in a ROC.  However, only US citizens and permanent residents may compete in the championship events at Summer Nationals.

classification pre-requisites

Division 1A - A, B, C, D, E and U

Division 2 - C, D, E, U

Division 3 - D, E, U


Registration and payment for a ROC on US Fencing Event Registration

No national points awarded in division 1A, Division 2 and division 3 national events

No national points are awarded for Division 1A, Division 2 and Division 3 events at Summer Nationals or at North America Cups (NACs). 

Fencers can earn rating classifications at the championship events and at NACs. 

US Fencing designates all Division 1A championship events as A3 events, Division 2 championship events as B3 events, and all Division 3 championship events as C3 events.

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