Inspiring Fencing Documentaries by Carl Borack, American Fencing Olympian and Filmmaker

Carl Borack (left), Captain of the US Olympic Fencing Team, shakes hands with Bill Clinton

Carl Borack (left), Captain of the US Olympic Fencing Team, shakes hands with Bill Clinton

Fencing Parents is honored to share with our community 2 fencing documentaries made with passion by Carl Borack, US Olympian and filmmaker.

Carl represented the US in the 1972 Olympics as a foil fencer. He was the Captain of the US Olympic Fencing Teams in 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000. Carl fenced all 3 weapons and won gold medals in foil, epee and saber!

You can read more about Carl Borack in the Art of the Olympians HERE and in the American Museum of Fencing HERE.

Today, Carl is a television, commercial, film and stage producer.

Carl recently gave Fencing Parents his kind permission to share these 2 documentaries about fencing with out community.

Carl Borack Film 1.png

The first, WHAT IS IT ABOUT FENCING?, is a 23 minute long documentary about what makes fencing special, and features short interviews with an illustrious list of former fencers who have gone on to major success in their fields and who have made a lasting difference in the world. Watch this 2016 documentary to see who these people are!

Carl Borack Films 3.png

The second, A PATH TO EXCELLENCE, is an hour long documentary narrated by Richard Dreyfuss, about the legendary Olympian and coach, Peter Westbrook and his extra-ordinary PW Foundation. The PW Foundation has dramatically changed the lives of many through fencing. If you want to be inspired by the power of fencing, watch this 2017 documentary!

See: Great Fencing Coaches: Peter Westbrook, Olympian and Visionary Coach

Both documentaries have been screened at film festivals in the US.

The American Fencer magazine featured Carl’s work on fencing documentaries in an article titled An Homage to the Sword, which you can read HERE

Both documentaries are password protected on Vimeo. Carl’s request is that we watch and share these films only with members of the fencing community and no one else. Please consider this a private viewing and honor his request.

The links and passwords are below:

What Is It About Fencing?

Password: WIIAF1

A Path to Excellence

Password: Fencing1

Enjoy the films!

Thank you, Carl, for sharing your passion for fencing and your documentaries with us!

Donna Meyer