Fencing Parents partners with Amazon to bring you practical supplies

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Apart from the fencing uniform and blades, fencers also need athletic gear, snacks, and electrolytes. Going to the store is not always that convenient or easy, one store will have the electrolytes, but not the snacks and so it goes. The Nike shorts and t-shirts my son uses aren’t that readily available, certainly not at any of the big Nike stores near us, they only sell the expensive stuff. In Los Angeles, where we live, a trip to the factory outlet store is a day trip!!!

Having all these supplies available at the click of a mouse is a big time saver. So, we decided to survey what Amazon has available, and we were nicely surprised to find that Amazon carries many of the practical items a fencer needs on a regular basis. So why not bring these supplies to parents through our website.

The supplies we make available through Fencing Parents are curated and specially selected with the fencer in mind. From electrolyte and hydration tablets, to healthy snacks, dri-fit athletic clothing and even portable battery chargers for those long NAC days. Visit our online store HERE.

Please support us by buying these practical supplies through our website. The funds will help us defray costs and enable us to bring you more useful fencing articles and create podcasts with fencing coaches, referees and top fencers to widen and deepen your knowledge of fencing.

You can access Practical Supplies for Fencers Online Store HERE

Donna Meyer