The Fencing Outlet, a full service fencing equipment supplier has great prices and customer service

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Many of us are creatures of habit, and we return to the same vendor for our fencing uniforms and blades. At the October NAC 2018 in Milwaukee, I discovered someone new, at least, new to me - The Fencing Outlet. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that not only did TFO supply the uniforms, blades and accessories we usually buy, they also repair weapons and body cords. I had stopped to pick up some TESA blade tape that they had on prominent display, and ended up chatting with Christian for awhile.

Great customer service..they are very knowledgeable of there products..would recommend them to anyone! And also. Reasonable prices.


Christian Garcia started The Fencing Outlet about 3 years ago, and has been both steadily building a loyal clientele, and expanding his product range. Christian really knows his stuff when it comes to fencing equipment, having been Absolute Fencing Gear’s armorer for almost 11 years, and Blue Gauntlet’s armorer for several years before that.

Based on the feedback he’s been getting, Christian has quite a few happy customers. See his reviews below.

TFO supplies both FIE and non-FIE fencing equipment at excellent prices. They sell online through their own website, and at NACs where they set up The Fencing Outlet booth.

For purchases of $150 or more, TFO provides free shipping domestically on online sales and pre-orders.

They also provides their own stenciling services for uniforms and lames purchased from them.

FIE fencing uniforms, lames and masks

For seasoned fencers, TFO carries a collection of very well priced Allstar and Uhlmann masks, uniforms and lames.

TFO’s Allstar Startex jackets and breeches are probably the best priced in the market currently. I recently purchased a set for my son, and would have saved myself an extra 15% had I bought them from TFO. Check out the Allstar Startex uniforms HERE

TFO’s FIE mask collection is also priced very competitively. Again, I wish I had found TFO sooner. Check out the FIE mask collection HERE

Currently, TFO carries Allstar foil and sabre lames at good prices as well. Check out the lames HERE

The latest Allstar compression fencing socks are also available at TFO.

Great customer service! Knows and takes care of that important order with a personal touch!

non-fie uniforms lames and masks

For beginners and fencers on a tight budget, TFO carries its own brand non-FIE gear priced very competitively with other budget brands.

The uniforms are available in both kid and adult sizes.

You can find their non-FIE TFO line of uniforms and masks on their website HERE

weapons - fie and non-fie

For FIE epee and foil blades, TFO currently carries the Uhlmann BF and Vniti brands, and sells them fully wired. Christian tells me that he will, by popular demand, be soon carrying Allstar BF blades as well.

TFO also carries Ukraine-made StM non-FIE blades for foil, epee and sabre. All non-FIE blades come in size 2 (for kids) and the regular size 5.

They are fully stocked with all accessories for making a weapon, including grips, pommels, bell guards and pads, wires and tips.

Friendly staff! Great deals! Look forward to my new weapon!!

Mask cords and body cords

They have Uhlmann and Allstar body cords as well as their own in-house brand TFO body cords.


Christian is working on this.

happy customers

TFO has built a growing a growing and loyal customer base by providing great customer service and products are very competitive prices.

Donna Meyer