Recent Changes to NCAA Division 1 Recruiting Rules Effective May 1, 2019

Changes to NCAA Rules effective May 1 2019.png

The NCAA recently approved several important changes on timing governing Division 1 athlete recruitment. These rule changes are designed to curb early recruiting and to better align a potential athlete recruit’s college search with that of the general student body.

The changes in timing are meant to encourage he development of a relationship between the coaches and the potential athlete recruit before any commitments are made.

See: NCAA Press Release on the Changes

For fencing athlete recruits, these are the changes to NCAA Rules take note of:

Phone calls

Effective May, 2019, a sophomore can only have phone contact with a coach at the end of Sophomore year starting June 15.  The calls are 2 way, that is the coach can call the fencer and vice versa. 

Previously, one way phone calls from fencer to coach were allowed during the whole of sophomore year. The coach was not allowed to call a fencer or to return a call. That has now changed.

All current phone contact between a sophomore and coach must cease until June 15. 

electronic communication

Electronic messages are also allowed starting June 15 after sophomore year. Previously, no electronic communication was allowed until September 1 of Junior year.

official and unofficial visits

Unofficial visits and official visits can take place starting August 1 before the start of Junior year.  The previous rule allowed official and unofficial visits beginning September 1 of Junior year.

off-campus contact

Off-campus contact can take place starting August 1 before the start of Junior year.

This is a significant relaxation of the rule for fencers as off-campus contact was previously only allowed from July 1 after Junior year and only after a potential recruit’s last event at Summer Nationals.

We have amended A Fencer’s Guide to NCAA Rules Governing Athlete Recruitment to reflect these changes.

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