Complete list of US colleges with fencing teams (NCAA sanctioned and club level)

Updated on September 18. 2018

colleges with NCAA sanctioned fencing teams

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NCAA Sanctioned Collegiate Fencing

NCAA Sanctioned Collegiate Fencing

46 colleges in total have NCAA sanctioned fencing teams across Division 1, 2 and 3.  The main differences between the divisions are attributable to
the total amount of financial resources dedicated to promoting the sport within the school and the NCAA, the size of their teams and the importance of fencing as a sport for the school.

Division 1 schools maintain rigorous fencing training schedules for their fencers, requiring mandatory training of up to 6 days a week. Division 2 and Division 3 schools have less demanding training schedules.

Membership in each Division is by application to and approval of the NCAA.

Colleges with NCAA sanctioned fencing teams fill their rosters through a combination of athlete recruitment, and walk-on team members who are accepted to the college on their academic merits. There are, therefore, multiple ways that a fencer can join a NCAA fencing team , and fence through their college years if they so desire.

The highly competitive athlete recruitment process we hear so much about typically takes place between a select number of the academically elite colleges in Division 1, including 6 of the Ivy League colleges (Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Yale and Brown), Stanford University, Duke University, and University of Notre Dame. Pennsylvania State University and Ohio State University stand out as strong fencing schools that do not have as rigorous academic requirements for their athlete recruits. Northwestern University and Cornell University are academically elite schools in Division 1 that recruit women only.

Whether your fencer aspires to be an athlete recruit, or would like to walk on to a NCAA fencing team in college, here's the list to keep in mind when applying. 

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Includes fencing rosters for all 46 colleges with detailed information on every fencer’s position on the Junior National Points List, and classification rating during the crucial recruitment period.

Includes average GPA, test score ranges, annual costs and financial aid for all 46 colleges.

Colleges with NCAA Division 1 fencing teams

  1. Boston College

  2. Brown University

  3. Cleveland State University

  4. Columbia University (including Barnard College)

  5. Cornell University (women only)

  6. Duke University

  7. Fairleigh Dickinson University (women only)

  8. Harvard University

  9. Lafayette College

  10. New Jersey Institute of Technology

  11. Northwestern University (women only)

  12. Ohio State University

  13. Pennsylvania State University

  14. Princeton University

  15. Sacred Heart University

  16. St Johns University

  17. Stanford University

  18. Temple University (women only)

  19. United States Air Force Academy

  20. University of Detroit Mercy

  21. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  22. University of Notre Dame

  23. University of Pennsylvania

  24. University of the Incarnate Word

  25. Wagner College (women only)

  26. Yale University

colleges with NCAA division 2 fencing teams

  1. Long Island University CW Post Campus (women's team only)

  2. McKendree University

  3. Queens College, City University of New York (women's team only)

  4. University of California, San Diego (will move to Division 1 in the 2020/2021 academic year)

  5. Wayne State University

can fencing help me get into college?

Find out how the athlete recruitment process works for fencers.

The diversity of colleges means that there is a place for those fencers determined to find a spot on an NCAA fencing team

colleges with NCAA division 3 fencing teams

  1. Brandeis University

  2. California Institute of Technology

  3. City College of New York (women only)

  4. Drew University

  5. Haverford College

  6. Hunter College

  7. Johns Hopkins University

  8. Lawrence University

  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  10. New York University

  11. Stevens Institute of Technology

  12. Tufts University (women only)

  13. Vassar College

  14. Wellesley College (women only)

  15. Yeshiva University

  16. Delaware Valley University (will field first fencing team in 2019/2020 academic year)

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colleges with collegiate fencing clubs

USACFC Collegiate Fencing Clubs

USACFC Collegiate Fencing Clubs

The United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (USACFC)) is an association of colleges with collegiate fencing clubs that are not NCAA sanctioned,. The USACFC holds its own annual inter-collegiate fencing championship.

For fencers who do not want to engage in the rigorous training of an NCAA college fencing program , or for fencers who want to pursue their love of fencing on a recreational basis while in college, there is a large group of colleges who have USACFC affiliated fencing clubs.

The National Club Rankings website has very useful statistics on test scores and earnings of alumni from these colleges with collegiate fencing clubs.  You can access the rankings HERE.

Here’s the The list of colleges with Collegiate Fencing clubs

  1. University of Chicago

  2. Dartmouth College

  3. Swarthmore College

  4. Georgetown University

  5. University of Southern California

  6. Liberty University

  7. University of Virginia

  8. Oberlin College

  9. College of William and Mary

  10. Georgia Institute of Technology

  11. Boston University

  12. University of California, Santa Barbara

  13. University of Miami

  14. University of Texas, Austin

  15. Bryn Mawr College

  16. Stony Brook University

  17. Smith College

  18. George Washington University

  19. University of Florida

  20. University of Maryland - College Park

  21. Clemson University

  22. University of Pittsburgh

  23. Mount Holyoke College

  24. University of Georgia

  25. University of Wisconsin

  26. Purdue Universty

  27. University of Maryland - Baltimore County

  28. Rutgers University

  29. University of Massachusetts

  30. Michigan State University

  31. Oakland University

  32. Texas A&M University

  33. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  34. Xavier University

  35. University of Vermont

  36. Eastern Kentucky University

  37. University of Tennessee

  38. Indiana University

  39. University of Rhode Island

  40. East Carolina University

  41. University of New Hampshire

  42. United States Military Academy

  43. United States Naval Academy

  44. Cornell University (Men Only)

  45. Carnegie Mellon University

  46. The College of New Jersey

  47. Denison University

  48. Rochester Institute of Technology

  49. Tufts University

  50. University of California - Berkeley

  51. University of Michigan

  52. University of Rochester

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